When's the Right Time to Replace Your Knees?
  • June 26, 2020
  • Written by: Dr. Atul Wankhede

There have been a variety of thoughts amongst the decision makers, the surgeons and sometimes the patients, regarding what they feel is the best time to get the knee replacement surgery. Nonetheless most of them would agree that the following are very decisive pointers-

  1. I am no longer able to do my routine work without help and support.
  2. I have pain that keeps me awake at night despite the use of drugs.
  3. I have pain that keeps me from being able to walk, bend over or sit cross legged and take short/long trips.
  4. I have pain that isn’t relieved by rest, in fact the pain is felt at rest most of the times.
  5. I have pain that is not responding to non-surgical approaches, which are rest, physiotherapy, medicines, lifestyle changes.
  6. I have been told that less-complicated surgical procedures are unlikely to help.
  7. The disease osteoarthritis is wearing me down physically, emotionally, and mentally, and has affected my quality of life.
  8. I am suffering from severe side effects from the drugs.
  9. Advanced arthritis is demonstrated on my test.
  10. If significant joint damage has occurred on my tests.

If you fit in most of the above, you might want to change your opinion about delaying the surgery further. There's sometime a thin line in differentiating between getting the surgery done now or later.

If you're absolutely certain to have one, be informed that delaying it will only affect the outcome in an unfavourable way, but having it in the right time or even earlier wouldn't harm a bit.

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